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Photography by Daniel Bastidas
LIZZIE: The Musical
by: Steven Cheslik-deMeyer, Tim Maner, Alan Stevens Hewitt
produced by Boston University February 2022 
Creative Team

Director: Emma Cavage

Scenic Designer: Danielle DeLaFuente

Lighting Designer: McKenna Ebert

Costume Designer: Maia Soltis

Sound Designer: Sam Bliss

Stage Manager: Rebecca Kleeman

Punk & Movement Coordinator: Erin Davis

Intimacy Director: Becca Carter Freeman

Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Cady

Dramaturg: McKayla Witt

Assistant Costume Designer: Maya Sabatini  

Assistant Lighting Designer: Maya Bailey 

Assistant Director: Alexa Connors

Lighting Support: Grant Powicki 

Sound Support: Jennie Gorn


LIZZIE: Grace Goble  

BRIDGET: Becca Carter Freeman

ALICE: Charlotte Weinman

EMMA: Kendall Anne Mood


Music Director/Bass: Brandon Jackson

Drums: Stephen Ellison

Guitar 1: Drew Sinha

Cello: Daniel Chounaird

Guitar 2: Sabine Martinez

Lizzie Reel

TECH REHearsal Video

Tech rehearsal video of the song "Burn the Old Thing Up" showcasing the usage of chalk, a fan, and lighting to create a fire effect

Featured Performance

Modified performance of "Forty Whacks" and "House of Borden" at Boston University School of Theatre's Spring 2022 Admitted Students Open House. This showing has limited technical elements, with slightly modified staging, and features the cast of "Lizzie."

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